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Centeral Engraving And Printing Plant
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Mar. 23, 2019
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Brief History
Central Engraving and Printing Plant was established in Chungking, China on Feb. 1st, 1941 and specialized in printing banknotes, revenue stamps, postage stamps, other security documents and government documents. The plant was relocated to Shanghai and the Beijing Works was established after the 1945 victory in the war against Japan.
When the central government moved to Taiwan, the plant was first relocated to Sanchung in 1949 and then removed to Chingtan with new equipment in 1964. Another works was established in Ankang with latest banknote printing equipment in 1972. The Ankang Works (First Works) specializes in printing banknotes and the Chingtan Works (Second Works) specializes in printing security documents such as checks, bonds, treasury bills, postage stamps, drafts, and important government documents such as passports and identification cards.
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Address: No.235, Sec.3, Ankang Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 23156, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel:02-22156789 Fax:02-22156855